The Perks of Power Nap

The Perks of Power Nap

There has been a lot of talk already about power nap. You may have felt its wonderful effects one afternoon accidentally and since then have practiced this art regularly. Let me tell you that you are, as a matter of fact, on the right track. There’s no need to feel guilty about that 20 minutes lights out policy at lunch break in your office.

There’s no need to do this alone and secretly. Influencing your officemates, classmates or friends to do the same may be a great idea after all. You may be holding the key to greater productivity wherever you are all along.

Power nap maximizes the benefits of a full sleep at the shortest possible time. It supplements normal sleep especially when getting one is impossible and when workload seems awfully heavy.

What experiments say

Generally, napping is found to have positive effects on the heart, hormone production and cell regeneration.

Experiments at Harvard University found that crashing briefly in the afternoon eases brain fatigue from information overload. Consolidation of all the things learned during the day is left for management to a goodnight’s sleep.

Another experiment performed by Dr. Sara Mednick contributed additional insight on the scientific effects of power nap. She and her colleagues found out that a 30-minute power nap could indeed impede decline of quality of outputs from assigned mental tasks.

Here are a few ways as to how a power nap could bring out the best in you even when sleep deficit has already gotten the better of you.

Experience burn out no more

Power nap gives you the needed energy that will last for the rest of the day. Some scientists believe that burn out is a function of visual system circuits of the brain only. They also think that burn out is the brain’s way of saying, “Do not overload.”

Power nap refreshes these visual system circuits thereby preventing you from feeling burnt out. This gives you renewed energy to face the remaining tasks for the rest of the day making you more productive in your chosen career.

In addition, power nap improves memory and retention. It also keeps your reflexes sharp. Learn more benefits about napping in this post on Baynet.

Because good enough is never enough

It was said that power nap creates the big difference between a good idea and a great idea. Through a power nap, you can maintain the peak of your brain activity during the course of the day.

So if in the past, you settled with presentations backed by sound research at work or at school, expect to come up with presentations that go beyond robust research findings. You might end up seeing yourself doing some animations and adding artworks to make the presentation livelier. You then realize that your outputs become a mirror of your well-being, which is nothing but excellent.

Keeping the fire burning

Ever experienced an unexplainable irritable day? You find yourself cranky and unable to enjoy the presence of friends, family and officemates. This is understandable especially if you have been lacking sleep for days already. A power nap may be all that you need to restore that warm relationship of yours among your circle.

Power nap improves emotional state by lowering stress levels. It also helps you to gain concentration on newly received messages. Needless to say, you can enhance your relationships both in the professional and personal milieu.

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