About Us

Our Mission

A Andres at the service of people.

We are A Andres and specialized professionals dedicated to studying, disseminating and facilitating the understanding of the different social actors regarding how technological innovation affects legal science and how the latter should approach the new realities with respect for the fundamental rights of people in the context of a social and democratic State of Law.


The A Andres is a private law corporation, non-profit and financed by its own members; it was established in December 2009 and is composed mainly of university professors and highly specialized professionals distributed throughout the country who are dedicated to promoting the proper understanding of the technological phenomenon in its interrelation with the legal field.


Our work, usually of a voluntary nature, ranges from the extension of knowledge through training events open to the public, through the integration of commissions and committees of experts in both the public and private spheres; the study of problems and the proposal of solutions in cases in which technological reality conflicts with legal regulation, support in the drafting of proposals for laws and decrees and, exceptionally, we train entities that require specialized support to face contingencies or projects.


As a general rule, the Institute does not carry out strategic litigation or engage in political or social activism in technological matters; we do not act or provide lobbying services and we do not carry out actions that compromise our independence: what we like is to investigate, study and publicly disseminate knowledge in search of the greatest social benefit, always with the defence of people’s fundamental rights and the development of democracy as a goal.

Join our institutional mission

To explore the themes of the future

Many of our members are university academics or professionals researching issues relevant to 2020-2030 development.

To discuss constructively

Members have the opportunity to participate in or sit on government commissions and councils related to technology and law.

To disseminate new ideas

We periodically organize dissemination activities on novel topics in order to consolidate legal opinion at the national level.

To promote human rights

Respect for and promotion of human rights, particularly those of the fourth generation, is one of our main concerns.

To be better every day

We promote and encourage study and research among our members in order to substantially raise their level of knowledge.

To gain perspective

We are academics and professionals in various areas of knowledge and the approach gives us enriching visions of reality.