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Environment information

Andy Andresen; Founder and CEO of AAndres, is one of the founders of the German environmental movement, which later became known as Die GRÜNEN. This was in 1976, long before this movement became a fully scale political party and entered the German Bundestag.

Today we manufacture all of our AAndres furniture system free from MDF. Our plastic parts are below 0.5%. All parts can be recycled separately.

We take every effort for a locally orientated manufacturing process, which meets the manifold demands on an environmentally friendly, low-emission production. As expertise and standards concerning environmentally friendly manufacturing are in a continuous state of flux, we make adaptations to our production methods and the materials used wherever this is possible.

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We produce AAndres in the Alpine region. Our factories in Switzerland and Italy are subject to very high ecological standards.

Whenever possible, we avoid using synthetic and composite materials. All parts and components can be recycled separately. The following materials are used for our products:


Producing metals and aluminium normally involves a certain degree of environmental pollution. We purchase our aluminium from Constellium in Sierre (Switzerland) as well as from Alu Laufen in Laufen (Switzerland), i.e. from companies having strict environmental specifications. Aluminium as a material is fully recyclable.

Premium steel

Producing premium steel normally involves a certain degree of environmental pollution. For our screw fittings, we use premium steel in very small amounts only.


Nowadays, the environmental pollution caused by producing glass is considered to be very small. As a material in everyday use, glass is, furthermore, environmentally harmless and fully recyclable. We purchase the glass used in our products from an Italian manufacturer.


We use Bamboo instead of MDF. Our Bamboo comes from fast growing resources, which are not part of the Panda bear nutrition.

Solid wood

We only use wood from environmentally sensitive cultivation, and we do not use wood from clear cutting. On demand, the solid wood used can also be delivered with a certificate confirming this origin. Our massive wood parts are manufactured in Italy.

Lacquers of oil

For the lacquering of our products, we use environmentally compatible, formaldehyde-free lacquers only. On request, parts from solid wood can be delivered with an oiled surface finish.

Synthetic materials

Whenever possible, we try to do without using plastics. Due to the design, we use four very small components made from polyurethane (PU), a material without any characteristics that might be harmful to health. The share of these four PU components in the product’s total weight is below 0.05 per cent.


All components are processed in Switzerland and adjoining countries. In the production process, no route of transport is longer than 200 kilometres (only exceptions: wood and bamboo). Trucks are used for transportation.


The furniture is delivered from our production facilities directly to our costumers. Normally, wooden boxes, felt blankets or cardboard are used as a transport protection. Only in particular cases are polyurethane (PU) rails used as edge guards and recycled later.