Andy Andresen - Designer AAndres 2008

Andy Andresen

Traveller, cook,
photographer, designer,
consultant, thinker,
dreamer and doubter

CEO AAndres
+41 79 533 86 95


We have custom-made furniture for customers in search of something that little bit different since 2008.

We have turned minimalism into an art form.

We are timeless and avoid redundant statements.

We transcend fashion and employ no artful branding.

We believe in quality and genuine sustainability, reaching beyond pseudo-environmental marketing tactics.

We build all of our components ourselves, working together with suppliers who have delivered top quality for decades.

We do not spend unnecessary money on advertising and PR.

We sell our furniture exclusively via our showrooms and website.

It is fair to say that we are quite unique. Find out more.

I am your furniture.